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Our Crab Fest cook book, 'The Fish Trap' is available to purchase for $20 all weekend. don't miss out.
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March 17 ‑ 18

The Fish Trap


Flics Kitchen

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Style Notion

The Brighton Hotel

Stephanie Alexander (From The Cook’s Table by Stephanie Alexander Text copyright© Stephanie Alexander 2016 Reprinted by permission of Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd.)

The Bridge Garden Bar & Restaurant

Chef Dale Sniffen

The Oyster Bar

Catch 22

Rick Stein (Recipe from Fish & Shellfish by Rick Stein (BBC Books) Reprinted by permission of Random House Group Ltd.)

The Peninsula

Murphy’s Irish Pub

Anna Gare (Recipe from Delicious Every Day by Anna Gare (Murdoch Books)

Emma Blyth

Salt Bistro

Warung Ade Indonesian Restaurant

Hadleigh Troy

Jasmine Thai Restaurant


Jean Pierre Sancho Mandurah

Food & Co.

Red Manna Waterfront Restaurant

Thorny Devil Brewery

The Stage Door Waterfront Restaurant

Nino’s Fish Bar

Matt Sinclair

Frisky Deer Interiors & Cafe

Decadent C’s

Food has a magical way of bringing people together and that’s exactly the intention of The Fish Trap.

This book celebrates Mandurah’s food culture and brings together a range of locally inspired recipes from our city’s restaurants and chefs as well as some delicious dishes combining local produce from personalities a little further afield.

Mandurah, originally named Mandjoogoordap, (Mand-joo-goordap), meaning meeting place of the heart was the home of the Binjareb tribe.

The abundance of fresh fish area supported communities from the South West when they visited the area for gatherings.

Mandurah has always had a strong connection to the beautiful waterways that it is built around and the local produce and in particular the local fresh seafood that the area is renowned for.

In the early days of European settlement Mandurah became home to commercial fisherman who operated canneries which serviced the local and overseas markets. Today if you ask anyone what their fondest memories of Mandurah are, crabbing will no doubt be mentioned.

Mandurah is home to the Blue Manna Crab species and over the years the two have become synonymous.

We hope that you enjoy cooking these delicious, locally inspired recipes and leave with a taste (and fond memories!) of Mandurah.

The Fish Trap (Mungah): A wooden weir that was made of brush and sticks laced together into a ‘barrier’ stretching across the river bank, leaving only a small gap in the centre, where fish were forced into by the current. People stood on either side of the gap, tossing out hundreds of the fish that passed through.

Available to purchase for $20 from Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest on March 18 & 19. With 5% of profits donated to Foodbank (Peel branch).

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