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Find out more about what's happening this weekend at Crab Fest.

Plan your trip to Crab Fest

Travelling to the Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest couldn't be easier!

With free shuttle buses and bike stations, planning your trip has been made even easier. See below for all your travel options.


Only 70kms from Perth City Centre, head south on the Kwinana Freeway and turn off at Mandjoogoordap Drive.
Charity parking is available near the event so plan ahead and check out the parking map below.

Train to Crab Fest 


Under 50 minutes from Perth. 
Plus FREE shuttle buses will meet you in Mandurah and bring you to the heart of the festival.

Bike to Crab Fest 


Ride to Crab Fest and park securely for FREE in one of our bike parking stations.

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