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The Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest is Mandurah's most significant annual event which attracts visitors from across the State, all keen to get a taste of a unique experience that showcases the best of Mandurah and the Peel region.

As well as the return of the crowd favourites, we're excited to bring you a series of unique, ticketed Crab Fest experiences.

Crab Fest Ticketed Event - Crack a Crab

Crack a Crab

Guided workshop on how to crack, peel and eat a crab like a local! Find out more.

Cocktails Masterclass

How to mix some of your favourite cocktails with the basic spirits you’ll have at home. Find out more.

Tickets to Cocktails and Canapes - Mandurah Crab Fest

Cocktails & Canapés Masquerade Sundowner

An evening of unparalleled indulgence and culinary delight. Find out more.

Crab Fest Ticketed Event - Beer N Beef

Beer N' Beef

Boundary Island Brewing Co. are cranking up their smoker and dishing out smoked meats and treats all night long. Find out more.

Clay Clamshells Pottery Workshop

Channel your inner mermaid at this year’s Crab Fest and sculpt your own bespoke bowl. Find out more.

Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest
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