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The City of Mandurah is dedicated to creating the best possible experience for all visitors to the Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest. This guide is designed to assist people with disability, along with their families and supporters, plan a visit to Crab Fest.

In Australia, over 4.4 million people have a disability, with 90% having a non-visible disability. While ensuring physical access to events is crucial, it's also essential to address other accessibility needs to achieve greater inclusion. This guide outlines how the City of Mandurah is striving to improve access to Crab Fest for everyone.

Crab Fest Accessibility Guide

We've created an Accessibility Guide to help people with disabilities access all the information they need to confidently plan and attend Crab Fest. A limited number of hard-copy guides will be available at the information tents. View the Crab Fest Accessibility Guide.


Venue accessibility and pathway access

Crab Fest offers a diverse array of activities and experiences spread across the Eastern Foreshore (Cooking Stage, Music Stage), Western Foreshore, Smart Street Mall, Mandjar Square (Children’s Stage) and Keith Holmes Reserve. 

The event area features mostly flat surfaces and connecting pathways, including flat grassy areas and concrete paths. While wheelchair access is provided, assistance may be required in certain areas due to the mixed surfaces. Some activities may be slightly off the pathways on the grassy areas. Convenient seating is available throughout the event for short breaks amidst the festivities.

The event provides pathway access from the Western Foreshore, over the Mandurah Bridge, along the Eastern Foreshore, through Mandjar Square, onto the rainbow pathway over to Keith Holmes Reserve and across the footbridge to Dolphin Quay. There may be some uneven surfaces along the footpaths.

Please note that ramp access from the Eastern Foreshore to the Mandurah Bridge is via Mandurah Terrace. Further accessibility provisions are detailed in the following pages.


acrod parking bays

ACROD parking bays can be found at these locations:

  • 7 bays at ManPAC (9 Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah)
  • 2 bays behind the Stage Door Restaurant (9 James Service Place, Mandurah)
  • 7 bays at Mandurah Seniors and Community Centre (41 Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah)
  • 1 bay at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah (63 Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah)
  • 2 bays in the City of Mandurah administration customer parking (3 Peel Street, Mandurah)
  • 1 bay out the front of Council Chambers (83 Mandurah Terrace)
  • 4 bays next to the Mandurah Visitors Centre (in parking area of Mandurah Terrace, next to Council Chambers)
  • Additional 60 bays at Mewburn Centre (Sholl St)
  • 4 bays along Hackett Street
  • 4 bays at Leslie Street All Day Parking

Drop-off Bay

This area is strictly for drop-down and pick-up for people who cannot walk/move long distances.

Location: Mandjar Square car park – James Service Pl


Universal Access Toilets

Universal Access Toilets (UATs) will be located on the Eastern Foreshore in three locations:

  1. Next to the Mandurah Visitors Centre
  2. Southern end of the Eastern Foreshore
  3. Additional portable accessible toilet south of the children’s playground on Mandurah Terrace

UATs are also available at Keith Holmes Reserve (x1), Dolphin Drive Car Park in Dolphin Quay (x1) and on the Western Foreshore (x2). For more details on the UAT locations, please refer to the Sensory Access Map or click on the link below to the National Public Toilet Map. 

View the National Public Toilet Map 


Changing Places Facility

There is a Changing Places facility located within the footprint of the Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest event at 75 Mandurah Terrace, next to the Mandurah Visitor Centre.

Changing Places are secure, clean facilities designed for people with disability who require assistance when using the bathroom while away from home and are equipped with a ceiling hoist, an adult-size change table, and room for two support people.

Access to Changing Places is via a Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK), ensuring these facilities remain reserved for people who need them. Companion Card holders automatically qualify for a free MLAK. If you're not a cardholder, you may still be eligible. Contact National Disability Services at or call 1800 617 337.

More information about Changing Places in Mandurah can be found on the City of Mandurah website.


Chill Out Zone

A Chill Out Zone will be available at the event to support people who experience sensory challenges in unfamiliar environments, such as events. This designated area offers a quiet, calming space for people of all ages to regulate their sensory needs before returning to enjoy the event. 

Situated along the Eastern Foreshore, the Chill Out Zone will feature bean bags, seats, noise reduction earmuffs, mindful colouring activities, and sensory tools.This Chill Out Zone is delivered in partnership with Midway and will be open between 10am to 7pm on the Saturday and Sunday. 

Children visiting this area must have a guardian present at all times, as supervision will not be provided by volunteers.


Chill Out Kits

Discover our Chill Out Kits, containing three fidget toys, hand sanitiser and disposable ear plugs in a belt bag, available to borrow whilst at the event from the Chill Out Zone. These kits are ideal for supporting sensory needs during the event. Please kindly return the kits before leaving so we can sanitise them for others to use. A limited number of kits will be available from the Constable Care tent when the Chill Out Zone is closed.
Noise reduction earmuffs are available to borrow during the event from the Chill Out Zone, enabling you to block out unwanted sounds. 


Communication Board

A communication board is a visual tool used by people who have difficulty with verbal communication. It contains symbols, pictures, or words that people can point to in order to convey their messages. A Crab Fest-specific communication board is available to download for printing or digital use. Download the communication board here.



Sensory and Access Map

A Sensory Access Map has been created to help people plan their visit to Crab Fest. This map aims to make new environments easier to navigate by providing information about the surroundings and highlighting calmer, quieter areas. It also shows the locations of accessibility facilities at the event.

View the Sensory and Access Map


General Event Map

A general event map has been created to assist people to plan their visit to the event. The accessible facilities have been added to the sensory map to ensure that the facilities were easily identified and not lost within the general map.

View the Event Map


Information Tents

Three information tents will be set up with event volunteers who are available to answer questions. All event volunteers have undergone an event accessibility briefing. Limited hard copies of the Crab Fest Accessibility Guide, Event Guide, and communication board will be available from the information tents. 


  • Mandjar Square
    Eastern Foreshore – northern and southern ends

Shuttle Bus

A complimentary shuttle bus service will be available throughout the weekend, offering pick-up points at John Tonkin Tindale Street Oval, Leslie Street Reserve, and Mandurah Train Station, where multi-storey car parking is available. The wheelchair-accessible shuttle bus will operate approximately every 45 minutes.


Social Story

A social story is a document that uses storytelling techniques to explain new experiences and environments to people who are autistic or who have sensory sensitivities. Anyone who experiences anxiety or is nervous when attending a place or event for the first time, may benefit from access to a social story. A social story for Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest 2024 can be downloaded here. View the Social Story.

Guide Dog and Assistance Animal Toileting Area

Crab Fest is a dog free event, however, Assistance Animals are welcomed with their identification vest. 

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) recognises suitably trained Assistance Animals as necessary supports for people with disability to engage in their community. Assistance Dogs are permitted in all public spaces under the DDA, with the exception of some zoo enclosures and operating theatres.

A toileting zone for Assistance Animals has been allocated near Administration Bay behind the Visitors Centre. Please use the grass area.

Drink fountains with dog water bowls are located throughout the event including Mandjar Square and the Eastern Foreshore.


Hearing Loop

A hearing loop is a system that assists people who are hard of hearing by providing clearer sound directly to compatible hearing aids or cochlear implants.

A hearing loop will be available in the Cooking Stage tent throughout the event. To use it, simply switch on the T-coil setting on your hearing aid or use a compatible app on your phone.

Watch a video about how a hearing loop works.

Mobility Scooter Charging Station

A mobility scooter recharge station is located at the southern end of the Eastern Foreshore, just before Smart Street Mall. Visitors can bring their own charging cord to plug into the recharge station to keep their mobility devices powered up and ready for exploring the event.


Inclusive Basketball Activities 

Get ready for inclusive basketball fun. Join Shoot Zone at the Western Foreshore and in the Children’s Zone at Mandjar Square for exciting activities. Don't miss out on the action!


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