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Native Dinner Series: 'BUNURU'



We're proud of our history rich with stories of fun times crabbing & fishing in our waterways, spending time on and around our beautiful waterways.

Crab Fest celebrates the very best of our mandjoogoordap & this year we're cooking up an awesome range of experiences for all to enjoy, including this special ticketed experience.

Enjoy a 6-course degustation showcasing fresh local seafood prepared with native ingredients.

Each dinner in this series is based on the Noongar people's 6 seasons the next one being “BUNURU: Season of the Adolescence".

Bunuru is the hottest time of year with little to no rain. Hot easterly winds continue with a cooling sea breeze most afternoons for those close to the coast. Traditionally this was, and still is, a great time for living and fishing by the coast, rivers and estuaries.

Because of this, freshwater foods and seafood made up major parts of the Noongar people's diet during Bunuru.

Bunuru is also a time of white flowers with lots of white flowering gums in full bloom, including jarrah, marri and ghost gums. A truly special evening connecting us to the history of our land and region and a journey into the ancient traditions of the Noongar people.

Aboriginal cultural evening hosted by Elisha and Karen Jacobs. 



Date & location

Date: 14 March 2023

Time: 6.30pm

Location: Flics Kitchen

Tickets: SOLD OUT

Flics Kitchen

Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest
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